Mounting NTFS external drives in Ubuntu Linux for Plex Media Server

Users of Plex Media Server on Ubuntu Linux may have problems accessing external drives. Plex only sees local volumes mounted for the user. This can be a problem if you store your media on an external NTFS drive, commonly used by Windows and other hardware media players connected to your television.


Acceso a unidades exFAT en Linux

Wikipedia dice que "exFAT (File Allocation Table Extended) es un sistema de archivos de Microsoft optimizado para unidades flash. Es propietaria y patentada".

exFAT se admite en modernos Windows y OS X, pero los usuarios de Linux puede que tenga que agregar software adicional. Los siguientes pasos funcionan para Ubuntu (y variantes) usuarios. En la Terminal, escriba:

sudo apt-get install exfat-utils exfat-fuse

A continuación, reinicie el sistema.

sudo reboot


Un encuestador pro-vida quiere que haga una elección

Mi perro y yo estábamos despertado de una siesta por una llamada de (458) 206 a 7324. Una mujer pidió hablar con el hombre o la mujer de la casa.

Inmediatamente supe que esto iba a ser una conversación agradable.

La persona que llamó se identificó como representante de un grupo pro-vida. Ella me preguntó si yo era "pro-vida y pro-elección, o en algún lugar entre medio".

Le pregunté, "¿Quieres que haga una elección?"

Ella dijo "sí".

Ella era una muy mala representante de un grupo pro-vida.


La conversión de Walmart de seguridad por vídeo, Verint Video Codec SN40

Walmart de vídeo de cámaras de seguridad se ofusca por un códec SN40 propietaria de Verint. Usted puede solicitar una copia del códec de Verint o puede aparecer como parte de un registro público volcado por una agencia gubernamental. (Estoy asumiendo que el software no tiene licencia para ser compartida como parte de un registro público.)


A pro-life pollster wants me to make a choice

My dog and I were just woken from a nap by a call from (458) 206-7324. A woman asked to speak to the man or woman of the house.

I immediately knew this was going to be an enjoyable conversation.

The caller identified herself as a representative of a pro-life group. She asked if I was "pro-life, pro-choice, or somewhere inbetween".

I asked, "do you want me to make a choice?"

She said "yes".

She was a really bad representative for a pro-life group.


Accessing exFAT drives on Linux

Wikipedia notes that "exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) is a Microsoft file system optimized for flash drives. It is proprietary and patented".

exFAT is supported on modern Windows and OS X but Linux users may need to add additional software. The following steps work for Ubuntu (and variant) users. In Terminal, enter:

sudo apt-get install exfat-utils exfat-fuse

Then reboot the system.

sudo reboot


Restore Mozilla Firefox tabs after a crash on Windows

Mozilla Firefox has the option to open tabs from your previous session.

Options->General->Startup->When Firefox starts: Show my windows and tabs from last time

But sometimes things go wrong. If your browser starts without showing your previously open tabs, you can restore the session under your History menu.

History->Restore Previous Session


When Pantone Color Matching Goes Wrong

The same Pantone color may not match in your Adobe design software

With the advent of Adobe Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud®, Adobe added the Pantone Plus Series® of color books to replace the earlier Pantone Matching System® color books. So the spot color number that you used in the past may appear differently when viewed on screen or as a converted process color. The difference is due to the color mode used for the "book color", or the default values used to define the Pantone color in electronic form.


Is Kirk Cameron Too Quick to Judge? Social Media Is a Two-Edged Sword

Matthew 7:1

Actor-turned-Jesus-freak believes (or wants gullible customers to believe) Facebook is stopping his "unstoppable" movie.

Kirk Cameron took to both social media and conservative news media to whine about what he thought was Facebook's attack on Christianity.

Mr. Cameron noticed that Facebook would not allow him to post a link to his movie website: He immediately jumped to the conclusion that "we have been shut down by Facebook".