A pro-life pollster wants me to make a choice

My dog and I were just woken from a nap by a call from (458) 206-7324. A woman asked to speak to the man or woman of the house.

I immediately knew this was going to be an enjoyable conversation.

The caller identified herself as a representative of a pro-life group. She asked if I was "pro-life, pro-choice, or somewhere inbetween".

I asked, "do you want me to make a choice?"

She said "yes".

She was a really bad representative for a pro-life group.

She asked the same question a few more times and I kept asking her why she wanted me to make a choice.

She eventually gave up and politely said "goodbye".

I don't think she ever realized the irony.

This is the second time I've received a call like this. Google tells us that this number is always making this type of call. So you might add it to your addressbook and name it accordingly. I look foward to the next time the phone rings and I'm asked to make a choice about an abortion. Would the next clueless pollster understand why I would never carry to full term?