Full control over PDF printing with Google Chrome

Google Chrome has its own nifty PDF viewer plug-in but there are some situations where you may not want to use it. The default Google Chrome PDF viewer does not give you any print scaling options. It defaults to printing a scaled page. This can be a problem if you are printing a form that must appear at its originally designed size (ie: IRS forms, Avery labels, currency).

You can easily disable the plug-in to allow Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat handle the online PDF file.

Enter this in Google Chrome's address bar:


Disable "Chrome PDF Viewer"

Google Chrome's Plug-in configuration

If Adobe's PDF Plug-In is disabled, enable it.

Now when you hover your cursor over a PDF file, you will see this control bar. Click the Acrobat icon to display Adobe's full toolbar.

Google Chrome with Adobe PDF control bar over document

With the full toolbar displayed, you can now select the print icon. Disable page scaling in the print dialog to print your PDF file as it was intended.

Chrome with Adobe PDF Reader toolbar